Gillian gets the party started by asking everyone to turn around and say to their neighbors, "Ello, Ducky, 'ow you doing?" Backed by a solid 5 to 8 piece band, she will then get the audience singing along while roaming the tables and aisles in search of her next hapless victim, invariably a middle-aged, slightly balding, non-partying, conservatitve gentleman. What follows is always a surprise, both for her victim and for the audience...

Gillian pictured with, "Gypsy"

The gentleman might turn into either a pleading, Al Jolson-type crooner asking for his "mammy" while making his way to the stage on his knees, or a befuddled impromptu dancer trying to "wiggle his derriere" in time to the music and her own constant motion ("Don't look down or you'll get seasick!"). Naturally, with her talent for finding just the right person to pick on, she sometimes even walks the entire length of a ballroom with hundreds of people watching, just to say to someone starting to nod off from a long flight, "Wake up, Ducky, we've started!"

The show also displays the virtuosity of her crack band Motherlode, and of her line of 4 beautifully costumed can-can dancers, Gypsy, that help to add a touch of Klondike Gold Rush period realism to the entire presentation.

The Band "Motherlode"


After a costume change, Gillian often brings up her famous "kick-line", a chorus line of unsuspecting male audience members who change into red long johns with the enlisted assistance of her dancers and some female audience members. The ensuing mayhem and hilarious comments from Gillian always result in the audience splitting their sides with laughter as she leads the chorus line in dance steps, interspersed with more double entendre jokes at their expense.

Packed with many more surprises, the show ends with the trademark song, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" as her dancers spread multicolored balloons throughout the audience and they are encouraged to keep them all in the air. Even the most conservative onlookers fall victim as everyone constantly pats balloons all over the room and all finally wave her a reluctant goodbye with their balloons.

the famous "Chorus Line"

As it is every year, the above show was performed dozens of times by Gillian in 2002 to appreciative convention audiences from all around the world

- over 300 major corporations in the past decade:

New York Life, IBM, Konica, Amway Japan, Volvo U.K....more

- in such wonderful places as:

 The Chateau Whistler in Whistler, B.C.

 The Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta

 Pan Pacific, Crystal Ballroom in Vancouver, B.C.

 The Empress, Victoria BC

 The Hyatt, Lake Tahoe, CA

 Skyline Hotel, England, UK

more venues

see the Gillian Campbell Show Video

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