"Gillian, I wanted to tell you about all the very high compliments you, the band and the girls received. It was a magic evening for us!"

- Graham Laxton
Host to the 2004 Vancouver
International Bed & Breakfast Conference

"Words simply are inadequate to express how terrific Gillian is...her brilliant talent is not just the ability to entertain people, but more importantly - achieving an atmosphere in which they feel good about themselves."

- Gary Bannerman,
Bannerline Corporate Communications

"A consummate performer! Her routine is all her own. It's an energy, a brightness that sparkles on stage. I'd work with her anytime. A veteran of show business who's irreplaceable".

- John Patterson, Pacific Show Productions (Magician)

"Marvellous. She's the best Kate we've ever had".

- Edmonton Journal

"The highlight for the Prince & Princess of Wales was Gillian Campbell!"

- Edmonton Sun

"Rated one of P.A.T.A.'s best opening ceremonies".

- Pacific Asian Travel Assoc. Conference Daily

"The warmth & energy she brings to the stage is evident".

- Ivan Bumstead, Government of Alberta

"A Gig's A Gig!!"

- Klondike Kate


"Gillian is able to take the most staid, conservative group of businessman - pillars of the community, leaders of the establishment - and within minutes have them organized into a chorus line, pant legs rolled to their knees, kicking their legs high in the air, like an inspired group of Parisian can can girls."


"When Gillian walks out on stage, the hall becomes charged with her personal magnetism and there isn't an audience anywhere that won't respond to her slightly, naughty humor. Whatever she does, she plays it for laughs, warmth and fun, and keeps audiences in the palm of her hands. Gillian is loved wherever she entertains."


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