She has endured broken zippers onstage, food poisoning, lusty old gentleman grabbing various body parts, broken chairs as she sits on laps, learning to sing in 4 or 5 languages for her clients, falls and spills, laryngitis, and enough waiting backstage to add up to at least a year of wasted time.

Through it all, Gillian has remained the consummate performer, always greeting people with a smile and a cheery remark - and always ready to perform under any circumstances. As she always reminds us, "A gig's a gig" and we should appreciate every one.

What is exceptional about her, however, is her dedication to her profession, a true "the show must go on" mentality, and her innate ability to always see the brighter side of life. This invariably gets her through any difficulties and results in a successful conclusion to the challenges presented. Some examples from last year include...

A continuous 45-minute show performed in 5 seperate rooms (all at once!) in a chalet at the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver B.C., in which she had to pre-place seperate sound systems, monitors and dancers in the 5 rooms, leave the band in one room, and literally race up and down stairs with seperate microphones - and in tight gowns - to perform without a break...

Changing in a hotel parking lot into her Queen Elizabeth costume and having the sheet hiding her drop in the middle of the change to several onlookers' complete surprise. With her customary aplomb, she simply said to the startled audience, "A gig's a gig!" and carried on with her change...


These examples also demonstrate Gillian's big heart and unselfish community spirit. Not only does her personality sparkle and light up a room, but she is a truly "giving" person, always willing to donate her time and her talents to a worthy cause. Besides the numerous seniors' homes she performs in, she is a regular performer and supporter of the annual A.I.D.S. benefit concert in Vancouver and the University of Brithish Columbia Psychiatric Ward.

Recently inducted into the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame, she is a verified star in Canada. Over the course of more than 30 years, she has performed...

 In Holland for the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland by Canadians;

 In Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia

 All over the USA (Disneyland, Disney World, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Dallas, all over Alaska, and many more cities.

 All over Canada, including a 5-year stint as Klondike Kate at the Klondike Days in Edmonton, Alberta, and 8 years at a major Grey Cup (Canadian Football Championship) event;

 Before royalty including Princess Margaret, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, and Princess Margarite of the Netherlands.

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