Welcome to the wonderful world of Gillian Campbell, a.k.a. "Klondike Kate", "Queen Elizabeth", "Mrs. Claus", and "Charlie Chaplin"!

In 2003, the lady known as Gillian Campbell continues to leave a trail of laughter and praise behind her as her audiences return from Western Canada to the far corners of the Globe.

Gillian has become a modern-day personification of the legendary Klondike Kate - saloon sweetheart of the Klondike Gold Rush in Canada's far North in the late 1890's. As such, she is now without question the most requested performer for conference and corporate audiences visiting Western Canada, and her name is familiar to event planners around the world.

A combination of risque humor, absolutely stunning and unique costuming (she has over $100,000 worth of original gowns, hats, jewelry, and boas), constant banter, complete and shameless audience involvement, musical excellence, and sheer fun, her shows are always well recieved, and frequently end in standing ovations.


 Gillian Campbell was recently inducted into the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame by her peers!

 "We are proud to nominate Gillian Campbell for the 2002 Entertainer of the Year Spotlight Award."

    - Doug Matthews Pacific Show Productions

 The Gillian Campbell Show has been performed for over 300 major corporations in the past decade!

 "Klondike Kate" has entertained royalty including Princess Margaret, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, and Princess Margarite of the Netherlands.

 Gillian can take the stiffest audience and have them standing on chairs, waving balloons, and raising their "tiddlies" to toast all the lucky "Duckie's" sporting red underwear and rearranged coiffs.


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